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[school-discuss] Re: Passwords for kids?

on Sun, May 16, 2004 at 12:49:33PM +0200, Thomas Templin (lists@gnuwhv.de) wrote:
> On Sunday 16 May 2004 03:09, Karsten M. Self wrote:

> > I'm working in a youth center with a ten-system computer lab, 80+ kids
> > using it so far, Samba domain.

> > _Most_ of them can deal with passwords.  A few can't spell their own
> > names (and most of 'em could use better typing skillz -- not to mention
> > a far more discriminating taste in music....).
> >
> > But for a fair number of 'em, particulary the younger set, and a few
> > others with learning disabilities, remembering passwords seems to be
> > beyond the possible.  Anyone have experience with setting up accounts
> > for kids?

> Technical solutions in this particular cenario are expensive. Chipcard
> login, e.g.

Well, a picture or action login might be sort of interesting.
Basically, a click pattern through a set of images.  Even substituting
out the login screen for an icon-based login would be helpful.

> I would suggest a let me call it social solution.  Try to establish
> teams where younger students, handicaped and older students use
> computers together. This could be a tutorial courses ore special
> startup courses. 

I'm leaning toward this solution myself.  I've got a few "angels" who
are helpful, intelligent, and eager to use the lab, and might like to do

> I beleve so it might be possible to catch two flies at once, as we say
> in germany. Better communication between young, oldern and handicaped
> Students.  This will be good for better social interaction. And it
> might be a way for a kind of self qualification and care for each
> other.
> Due to my experience even young and handicaped students are able to
> learn how to use a computer. They just need more time and more
> assistance / guidance.


I like your way of thinking  ;-)


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