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Re: [school-discuss] Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings

On Wed, Apr 27, 2005 at 09:53:59AM -0300, Stephen Downes wrote:
> >yet another CD-bootable disto, Debian based, but with a
> >built-in installer: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/

No, as far as I've seen on their sounder@ list, it's not even
*positioned* as that.  There's a LiveCD, and an install CD.
2 pcs.

You could have mixed it up with Knoppix. :)

> I've heard good things about Ubuntu and have a distro at home
> ready to install. But...

Get another system, hard drive or partition and experiment there,
it's exactly the way to play with new things.

> What do people here think of Ubuntu? How well does it compare
> with, say, Mandrake?

Last one I've seen was Mdk 10.0 Community Edition and I must say
...oh no, better no brute words regarding its performance on
quite decent system :-(

They've "traditionally" had some idiosynchrasies on server and
i18n fronts as well.

Re Ubuntu, I've only had time to look at livecd; first impression
is quite OK.  What's more interesting to me is community and the
synergy the company behind the project seems to manage well.

Still I have no plans on running production systems on Debian --
commercial support for that is something that comes along with
involvement (we're running F/OSS consulting and development firm
here in Ukraine), and involvement in large established project
can be hard when it has to touch infrastructure.

Personal usage is also too problematic to me -- Russian language
support? -- hey it's something that's been solved elsewhere last
millenium properly! (hint, hint)

Anyways, maybe the best approach would be to ask, to get a few,
to try, to share the results.  Apply as needed, maybe
recursively, and maybe periodically. :)

PS: distrowatch.com is a great overview resource.

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