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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Retraining initiative

Dear Martin et. all.,

Martin Claude wrote:

not only this LAMP retraining programme should explore Zope/Plone and
other open source technologies,
but it should be extended to other regions of the world as in North
and Sub-Saharian Africa and Latin America for instance, where so many
trained proprietary software programmers are unemployed.

Is it a facts or your presumption that there are many unemployed trained
proprietary software programmers in Africa and Latin America?

Is there any proper studies about the matter?

I agree that the training should always explore different kind of
(free/open source) technologies. I am afraid, that if the training is
only about LAMP or Zope or any other specific (free/open or proprietary)
technology the programmers will be again unemployed when the next (big)
technology comes.

Good thing with all open/free software training is that  it gives you
the possibility to learn the basics of programming, too. That is what
the source code is there for :-)

When I am recruiting programmers / software developers there are two
criteria I am looking for: (1) the person has studied enough mathematics
and (2) she has "played" with different kind of open/free programming
languages and technologies.

In addition Micro and Small Enterprise development skills must be
provided to such trainees, in case they dont find a job and they have
to develop their own Free Open Source Software Services structure.

This is a good point. And when the governments, public sector and small
business will (as we hope) start to use open/free software there is a
lot of work for these people.

Best regards,

   - Teemu

Teemu Leinonen
+358 50 351 6796
Media Lab
University of Art and Design Helsinki