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Re: [school-discuss] Roadblocks . . . I think this will help

> tom poe pravi:
>> Hi, Marilyn:  May I suggest you obtain a donated PIII low-end computer,
> PIII low-end??????????????
> Low-end is P1 MMX 166MHz for me! With 32 MB RAM!
> That's what I have in my classroom - 12 low-end PCs.
> End what to load on that????
> Damir
I would suggest turning them into X terminals off of 1 more generously
apportioned machine (even if you have to buy that one machine) using ltsp
or K12ltsp.  If that doesn't work for you there are several cdrom bootable
distros, including Knoppix and SimplyMEPIS that would allow [I haven't
check the machine spec. requirements for either of them some I'm not 100%
positive they can run on that specific machine] them to be useful without
permanently loading anything onto them.

You can of course load onto the hard drive many of the Linux distributions
although I'm not sure what the current recommendations for a full desktop
for say Redhat are.... I do know that certain portions of various
distribution *will* run on that hardware.  You don't say how big the hard
drives are, so it's hard to think of exactly what to recommend.

I hope the above is useful to you.  If you have any questions, please ask.


Jeff Waddell