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Re: [school-discuss] Looking for Anyone Doing Training on Open Source Software in Education


Also, you can include the windows versions of a bunch of great OSS apps on your
student stations.  Let the teachers play with them.  Assign one geeky teacher
to learn each program and give them something cool in return (NOT a certificate
:) ).  I recommend the Gimp, Blender3D, OpenOffice, LyX, Firefox, Mozilla
Composer, JAZZ++, and UltraPlayer.  These teachers train other teachers and
light the fire!


Quoting Dirk Schouten <schoutdi@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> >I'm IT teacher in a small elementary school in Lendava, Slovenia, and 
> >interested in promoting OSS in education. Ministry of Education here 
> >(www.mss.gov.si) started some project a few years ago and we got 
> >Slovenian Linux distro (Pingo - www.pingo.org ) and new PCs for all came 
> >with dual boot.
> >But then, project died (ministry made a deal with MS and we all have 
> >licenses for XP an Office now). Ministry stopped (actively) promoting 
> >OSS there are no new educational applications being developed.
> >
> >I'm running school server on Linux, but all classroom PCs (~30) are XP 
> >(on new hardware) or W95 (very old hardware, P166MHz). Beside this, I'm 
> >still very interested in using more OSS applications in my school and 
> >very happy to hear all advices I can get.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Damir
> >
> Hi,
> Maybe ServerAtSchool is something for your primary school.
> http://serveratschool.net
> Dirk
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