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[school-discuss] Need suggestions for web reporting/business intelligence tools

Our school district has decided to outsource most of the functionality
of our entire educational data warehouse team to another company
within a one year period and will eliminate most if not all of our
department after that.  They want us to continue to maintain what we
have for that time and look for free alternatives to continue
reporting anything that this other company doesn't cover.  We have
over 400 highly customizable reports written with Cognos Business
Intelligence software.  Security is tied into active directory and we
have different security levels for groups like teachers, principals,
board members, etc.  Does anyone know of an Open Source product that
would make a decent alternative to Cognos?

I sent my manager the following list:

He says there's nothing free listed there that could replace Cognos.
All the products are either costly (and there's no longer a budget for
the department) or can't do what Cognos can.  If anyone knows of a
useful Open Source alternative, please post about it.  I'm very tired
of hearing from people at this district that Open Source programs just
can't do what the proprietary closed source ones can.  Thanks.

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