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[school-discuss] Open Options: Help shape a new K-12 resource

Are you a K-12 educator or student? Do you use Linux or other open

The Northwest Educational Technology Consortium is conducting an
survey on the use of open source software in K-12. Please take this
to share your experiences with other educators.

We're also looking for early adopters to interview and schools to

The survey should take less than 10 minutes, at:

The Northwest Educational Technology Consortium (NETC) is a
federally funded
center at the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL), a
nonprofit institution. We are not affiliated with any company or
open source
project. See: http://www.netc.org and http://www.nwrel.org

Our project is Open Options: Making Decisions about Open Source
(OSS) for K-12. We aren't trying to duplicate existing resources for

technical implementation. Our goal is to provide pragmatic
information and
decisionmaking tools. We want to honor educators' efforts to meet
stakeholders' needs, with or without open source.

The Open Options site will launch in late winter 2002 at
http://www.netc.org. It will be a public resource, and will include
survey results. We welcome your suggestions for the site. How should

educators decide whether open source is right for their schools?

For more information, contact: oss.survey@nwrel.org

Please share this announcement with other educators.