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[school-discuss] Fwd: SAP specialists required for Europe.

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    Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 15:15:07 +0100
    From: Jon F Federhenn <jon@rockwelldatacorp.com>
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 Subject: SAP specialists required for Europe.
      To: david@iteachnet.org


I have a couple of contacts who are in Germany and Switzerland who are
both looking for SAP people for some new
projects. They need people in various areas and they do not need to be
German speakers or have permits for CH. The
companies will look at people as long as they have good experience in an
area of SAP.

I also know a few German speakers looking for permanent work in Europe and
hence if anyone knows of any positions I
will forward them on the details.

Please drop me a mail if of interest.

Kind regards


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