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Re: [school-discuss] free-bsd compatible laser printers

I second Mr. Richardson's recommendation of the HP 1200. I personally have 
owned one for 1.5 years and after printing 3026 pages, I have yet to to 
replace the toner cart it came with.  I've only jammed one page in the 
printer ever. As far as linux compatibility goes, it's Postscript so you 
will never have to worry about a driver and the usb works with linux.

>From: Les Richardson <richl@mail.tfsd.sk.ca>
>I would recommend that you look at a printer that is:
>1) Postscript capable. (though of course you can always. use Ghostscript
>but then will need to be PCL5/6 capable)
>2) Good paper handling. If it jams, your life is over...(since you will
>spend it all clearing jams in a lab setting)
>3) Cheap to run (Price toner and other consumables on a per page basis)
>4) Not really necessary, but nice to have would be 1200 dpi resolution
>like HP1200 or HP4050.
>Les Richardson
>On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Sarah Strauss wrote:
> > hi all,
> > I am trying to decide on an inexpensive laser printer to choose for our 
>soon-to-be free BSD network in a K-6 school. While the old standby, HP 
>laserjet IIIP has been recommended to me (to get, one by one, on EBay (we 
>need about a dozen)), and I understand that that may offer the best 
>combination of low price/reliability, I am wondering if anyone has used one 
>of the following machines with free BSD, especially in a school setting, 
>and what your experience has been:
> > Samsung ML-1210 or 1430
> > Brother HL 1440
> >
> > or any other relatively inexpensive laser printer.
> >
> > any help you can give would be most appreciated!
> > thanks,
> > Sarah Strauss
> >

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