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RE: [school-discuss] Linux and Main - First LUG in Burkina Faso

Although I can read french, for those of you who can't read this site, try 
a (not perfect) translation of the by visiting 

You input a starting web site and translation parameter and it will 
translate based on a quite robust pull-down menu. Not perfect but you can 
get the overall gist of most content.

Once you start translating a site, it will continue to translate linked 
pages based on your parameters.

As to this initiative, there are a lot of them everywhere and a lot of 
projects in direct response to the funding being provided by non-open 
source giants. Of primary concern to other countries which are embracing 
open systems is the fact that they do not want a US company dictating 
educational, governmental, etc., policy (unlike our own countries 

Its also one of the reasons the International Installfest Week is getting 
such wonderful involvement and global interest. I've gotten people from 
Germany, Mexico, Ireland, So. Africa, and others willing to act as points 
in their regions as well as US regions. (p.s., if you are interested, drop 
me a note.)

Have a great day!


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Could some of our Francophone subscribers please take a look at this
article and the referenced Burkina Faso website and see if there's
anything pertaining to schools that we can help them with?  Thanks!