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Re: [school-discuss] Call for open-source interested/active

Hi Alec,

I will share if you'd like. 

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools

On Wed, 3 Nov 2004, Alec Couros wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I am about to embark on my dissertation research data-collection. For 
> this, I am looking for K-12 educators who are involved in the use, 
> development of and/or advocacy of free and open-source software. If you 
> fit this description, and would be interested in sharing your 
> experiences, please contact me. If you don't seem to fit this 
> description, do you know anyone who does? Please let me know, or feel 
> free to pass on this message to others. I could really use everyone's 
> help on this. Please please. :-)
> Participation will be done electronically, via email and online 
> discussion boards. Possibly other methods depending on the group that is 
> interested. There is not a lot of commitment (a few hours I am 
> thinking), but I would certainly love to hear of your experiences.
> I am also particularly interested in activities that follow closely to 
> the open source movement such as open-publishing (e.g., blogging) and 
> open-content (e.g., learning object repositories). Collectively, I am 
> just referring to this as the open movement, and hoping to find 
> participants who are involved in these areas in the K-12 system.
> *Purpose:* The purpose of this study is to gain insight into the 
> adoption practices of technological innovation by teachers, and in doing 
> so, develop theory which relates to the activities and beliefs of 
> participants in relation to adoption activities. Emphasis will be placed 
> on 'open' forms of collaborative practice.
> *Some of my guiding questions include:*
> 1) What are the characteristics of the open (source) movement that 
> encourage and motivate members to participate in open (source) communities?
> 2) Does participation in open (source) communities encourage and/or 
> support the development and adoption of (technological) innovation by 
> teachers? If so, in what ways?
> 3) What perceived value is gained through the membership and 
> participation in open (source) communities?
> 4) What educational activities and experiences result from a 
> participantís membership in an open (source) community?
> 5) Are there common values and beliefs held by members of open source 
> communities, and if so, what are they?
> Please feel free to circulate, trackback, comment, pass on, etc. Would 
> love to hear from you!
> Alec Couros
> IT Coordinator - University of Regina
> http://www.educationaltechnology.ca/couros