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[school-discuss] Many are not keen on hearing the calling

Well, as the attached email indicated, it's difficult convincing died in the wool and old-school Microsoft folks to switch to Linux, but I'd thought I'd put it out there for comment.


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My sister is a vice-principal in a high school in Connecticut, with a background in teaching computer and business classes. Maybe she's worried about nepatism, maybe she just doesn't think enough of me as a character reference, but my own sister won't even give me contacts for IT people from within her school system! Wonder if the shoe was on the other foot how I'd feel.....

In any event, she won't tell me ANYTHING, she's clammed up. She won't even tell me why she's so secretive about it, but I only want to help, don't want to show her or anyone else up, and don't want to soak the State of Connecticut for it's precious tax dollars. As I understand it, they are committed Microsoft all the way, but that might not be the case.

Anyone else care to crack this nut?

I'd appreciate any coaching you might provide in the various sales approaches that you used in this environment over the years.


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