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Re: [school-discuss] What kind of competitions can we have duringLinux festival in school?

Arjun Asthana wrote:

We are planning to hold a linux festival in my school.
We will be inviting about 50 or so schools (that is over 500 students and teachers) and will demonstrate Linux for schools and home use.

Linux is not very popular in Indian schools since M$ has a lot of power in controlling the school syllabus making authorities (CBSE).

The students (so invited) will not have had any exposure to Linux.

We want to hold some competitions so that students can be shown the ease of use as well as usefulness of Linux.

The students (officially invited) will be from classes which have IT as part of their syllabus and thus will have had exposure to M$.

I will try and use Redflag Linux (as of now) on some of the machines since it seems to be closest to the existing (M$) environment.

Suggestions and experience narrations will be valuable.

Our state has an annual eSchool conference for all of our schools. They have a tech challenge. Dozens of schools take part in a competition to build a computer from scratch, install the OS, and complete a task like building a web page. Ideas are being kicked around to have them instead install Linux on the computers and set up a thin client ala the K12LTSP or Skolelinux distros.

For those who have not seen Linux before, observing just how easy it is to install and configure, not to mention use, can go a long way towards enlightenment. Add to that the magic of booting one machine off another in a client-server environment, and you have an environmental and resource friendly hardware solution in addition to the software applications.