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Re: [school-discuss] What kind of competitions can we have during Linux festival in school?

Here's an idea i've kept under-wraps with the intent of developing it as an opensource project someday. Unfortunately, no time yet. The idea is to have a
"Linux Scavenger Hunt". That's probably all i need to say, but, in case it's not obvious, basically make exploring linux a "game" (scavenger hunt). Some ideas are....
1. "goto /usr/ local/test and compile such-and-such, run it, and note the output" (one clue in the scavenger hunt)
2. "what is the first word, second paragraph of such-and-such man page?" (another clue)
3. on and on ad infinitum....

If anyone would like to collaborate in developing a "Linux Scavenger Hunt" please contact me -- i've got several ideas, and would like to do this myself. Hope this gives you a useful idea,

Charles Cosse

Michael Shigorin wrote:

On Fri, Nov 19, 2004 at 06:34:46PM +0800, Arjun Asthana wrote:

Suggestions and experience narrations will be valuable.

If you can burn some Knoppix to them -- be it a common present or
some kind of prize -- it may just prove helpful at any household

Sorry, nothing comes to mind regarding competitions.
Not "installation time" though.