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Re: [school-discuss] Foss distance learning applications

Gary and Carina,

I was struck by Gary's comment that NPR would have a segment on DL and E-learning...  to be honest I think many of us often confuse educational technology terms... yet that is not the focus of my comment...

here in Cambodia a dedicated software translator has contributed by localizing Moodle to Khmer.  I understand the project is mostly complete now being finished up by a local NGO team... 

the buzz recently has been for distance learning via web-based applications...  I think some people see dollar signs in the gloss over their eyes...   a cool method of teaching many people  via remote....  mass dissemination of the same material at no extra cost....   such thoughts are buzzing about...  yet what I do not see is a clear understanding of the complexity of a shift to online learning...  in a country lacking in electricity, basic infrastructure and mind you still few computers...  internet... what is that??

I am a big believer in educational technologies...  yet caution that we must go a  bit slower... pilot test extensively and be sure that we are addressing learning issues first and technology second...  to let such technologies lead our desires is a faulty application of educational technologies...  Moodle is but one tool in our storehouse and it can be used when it is appropriately understood... 

There is so much needed in Cambodia...  unhealthy children cannot participate in school, poorly trained teachers cannot educate for the future...   educational technologies bring great hope...  yet we need armies of smart people to apply them correctly or unexpected outcomes may creep beyond comprehension....

Moodle is wonderful... let's all learn about it... in the mean time.. please send some LMS experts to help us here in Cambodia...  at present we have few or none...

John "Tim"  Denny, Ph.D.  ICT and Education Specialist
  Adviser to the Cambodia MoEYS on Science and Technology Education
  Executive Director, PC4peace http://www.pc4peace.org
  Advisory Board, Masters of Development Studies -RUPP
  International Journal of Multicultural Education, Electronic Green Journal
 "More important than the curriculum is the question of the methods of teaching and the spirit in which the teaching is given"  Bertrand Russell

On Nov 29, 2007 6:49 AM, CM <mplcel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Gary,
Did you ear about Moodle? It's an open source application for
e-learning, is a Learning Management System (LMS) , it has a large
community around de world, is better than anyone (open or propietary

See http://www.moodle.org

Carina M.

Gary Dunn wrote:
> On the drive to work this morning I heard a nice piece on National Public Radio on distance learning, a.k.a. E-learning. Tomorrow they will have a second installment focusing on technique. If you know someone who teaches on-line you should suggest they give a listen.
> This sot me thinking software and how E-learning began with established Internet protocols but quickly moved towards integrated, proprietary, commercial software.
> How is the FOSS community doing in this niche? Are there any good Foss distance learning applications? Real-time and asynchronous? Widely used?