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[school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools 4.50 Released - Google Docs/K12LTSP User Mgt

Hi All,

Open Admin for Schools 4.50 is now available.

This version adds user management for both Google Docs / Google Apps
Educational Domains (via the provisioning API) and also includes
remote server user management where the OA server can add users and
reset passwords, lock/unlock accounts on remote servers.

This version also adds more updates to the report card system
including ranking, demerit reporting, and complicated user grouping (
for categorizing into different attainment groups...... ie. average
over 75% in 5 subjects with 1 being English, etc.). It includes a new
posting script to do automated number to letter grade conversions and
variable precision average posting.

There are also other smaller additions and updates, including an
ongoing development of reading assessment based on reading levels.
This will be completed by the 5.0 release next summer.  LDAP
functionality should also be available shortly.


Open Admin is a web based, freely available, GNU licensed software
package using free LAMP technologies.

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools