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Re: [school-discuss] healthcare.gov website

This 9/18/13 interview attributes the failure of healthcare.org to their use of closed code - it really is a FOSS issue.


On 11/13/2013 08:46 AM, marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

We don't usually talk politics here . . . and I don't think we should start . . . but . .

Since I quit teaching in 2011 and could not find another job, I have been without health insurance. I am a pretty healthy tough old chick, however . . . I fractured a bone or two in my foot digging in my garden last March. Since I do not have insurance, I have just been toughing it out. If I am off my feet for a day or two, it starts to heal. But when I can't do that, it hurts like h&%ll. It would be so great to go to the doc and get it fixed.

I live in the U.S., and so the Affordable Health Care Act is a pretty great thing for me. I don't know how many on this list are in my position and have gone to the site to sign up . . . . but it is the most horrible user interface on a website I have ever seen. Honestly . . . I think someone must be paid dark money to screw it up.

I have made many websites over the years and as a teacher, created many forms for tests and quizzes.

http://healthcare.gov makes the user "save and continue" after every question. Any web developer with a brain would create a form that all (and there are not that many) questions are answered, and then you hit "submit" at the end. In the current design, the server is sent a save command about 50 more times than necessary. No wonder it is so slow. The user should be able to hit "submit" after the questions, and then upload his/her 2012 tax return pdf too.

I think we should make some "fix the form" noise. It could be a big push for FOSS too.

I have written every email I can find about this . . . . but the website continues to suck . . . for no logical reason.


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