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[school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools (OAfS) - Testing...


Now here's a silly idea.

I'm still doing more testing (and fixes, etc.) for Open Admin for schools.
I have around 12 schools (some are still futzing with data export) running
this package. I was wondering if there were any folks who want to do
some testing for me. 

I would take your data (which you send me...) and put it into the admin
program and host it on richtech.ca. Your job is to find things that should
be fixed/improved. 

Once OpenAdmin is released (in a few weeks or so...still have docs to
write), I will tar up your application, complete, so that you can just
copy into a working directory on your own server. How does that sound?

(or if you would rather host some alpha/beta code, then you could talk to
me also.)

The demo version (which doesn't contain the newest code, and is public
system not catholic system) is at:

http://bcsa.richtech.ca   (admin)
http://bcst.richtech.ca   (teacher)

Les Richardson
H. Hardcastle School
Edam, Sk Canada