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Re: [school-discuss] Web forum


Were beginning to work with many web forum front ends. I would be very 
interested in the discussion that took place regarding the features 
necessary. Can you point me to the archives of that discussion?

Thanks - Chris

On Thursday 03 October 2002 10:12 am, Doug Loss wrote:
> Quite a while ago someone asked about getting a web forum front end
> to our discussions here.  At the time we found that only Phorum met
> our needs, but for various reasons it was never installed.  Since
> then FUDForum has added features that make it adequate for our
> requirements.  I mention this since FUDForum was recommended by some
> folks on this mailing list.  We'd like someone to volunteer to
> install one or the other of these on the SEUL server that
> Schoolforge is located on.  If you're familiar with either and have
> an urge to assist, please contact me or Roger Dingledine
> <arma@seul.org>.  Thanks.

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