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Re: [school-discuss] AP Computer Science

Hi Paul,

Are you a student? I can give you the name and address of an experienced AP
teacher with whom you might talk and get some pointers to good resources. Let me
know if you're interested.


Quoting chip <chip@force-elite.com>:

> My school doesn't offer anything close to any programming classes.
> I am self/book/friend taught in Perl/PHP/Python(the 3 Ps of Programming?)
> I have dabbled in C/C++, Ruby, TCL and Java. More so in Java. But I wouldn't
> consider myself very skillful in those yet.
> I am talking to my school consoler about possibly taking the AP Computer
> Science exam in May(in addition to AP Government and AP English - o what fun
> :-D)
> I have looked at many of the PDFs on the College Board Website about the AP
> Comp Sci exam: http://www.collegeboard.com/ap/students/compsci/
> I am looking for any specific curriculum or books that closely follow the
> requirements for the Computer Science exam along with any other
> suggestions.
> Thank You,
> -Paul Querna

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