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[school-discuss] New resources

Here are two sites that may be useful in getting Linux and open
source/free software into schools:


"The Linux Education Generic User Programs (LEG-UP) CD is intended
to be a means of introducing Microsoft Windows users to Open Source
software, with the ultimate goal being to give Linux, OpenBeOS, and
others a seat at the table when it comes to discussing future


"As a volunteer involved with Byte Back <http://www.byteback.org>,
I've decided to start jotting thoughts about a curriculum. I ask
that if you find your way here, that you add your comments at the
end, rather than change what I've got so far... This concentrates on
mechanical skills, not necessarily a thorough understanding of
everything. And that could lead to trouble, if students get too
cocky and arrogant. It must be stressed that the students are
expected to tread carefully, and acquire some basic theory if they
don't already have it coming in."

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