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[school-discuss] Linux applications _you_ use in school

SEUL/edu is working on creating a CD-ROM image of easily-installable
Linux software that's useful in schools.  We have a listing of over
500 apps that are educational in some form, but not all of them are
useful scholastically.  We're gradually going through the list and
trying to separate out the ones to include in our image, but that's
taking some time.

One way for us to get a list of useful apps quickly is to ask people
already using Linux in their schools just what applications they're
running on Linux.  Those apps are clearly useful scholastically,
since they're already _being_ used.  We've received some useful
responses from the schools we queried from the SEUL/edu casestudies
web page and the seul-edu mailing list, but we'd like to get as many
as we can.  So please send your list of Linux software you're using
in your school(s) to me or to this list.  This will help everyone
get a useful compendium of Linux software!

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