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[school-discuss] book requests sent to me from www.etc-edu.com


a couple of months back, i posted a notification of creating .isos of cds.

well, we lost money to flooding and one of our programmers needed time off.
at the same time, we started doing stuff locally with real life kids.
doing that right takes some time, and i guess i'm coming up a little short, 
but hang on - here comes a second wind.

i've saved all the e-mails - so far everything i've been asked for will fit on
one cd, so that's up to bat for november.

text first - audio as i can.

the audio programming is 75% my call and 25% listener's choice.
that's cause it's all on my nickle.

but those book requests will have the entire 25% beginning in december.

mike eschman, etc ...
"Not just an afterthought ...