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[school-discuss] etc ... 2002 Halloween Broadcast

October 28th 2002 - mike eschman www.etc-edu.com

Frankenstein : computerized radio play - adaption by mike eschman, & engima 
technologies corp., aka etc ...

production, direction, distribution, maintenance, promotion, public access 
libraries :

1 - the play is created. [ pod of 3-7 developers produce 2 a month from 
Gutenberg collection. ]

- translation to first person & sentence simplification.
analysis of "speech" problems.
- paragraph reconstruction.
- re-sequencing.
- re-edit paragraphs.
- voice analysis for pitch, pacing (timing of speech), volume, words per 
minute & silences. [* see note 1]
- reedit  
- sound effect selection
- final voicing
- create temp.au file
- convert to .wav, apply sibilant controls.
- upsample to mono @ 22050 + stereo @ 44100 - 32kbs - as .wav [mono / stereo 
in parallel process] working on Dolby 5.1?
- time independent pitch adjustment of voicing for actors. [ +/-10% pitch 
correction for individual actors.  play time is not affected. ]
- reverb adjustment for individual actors.
- hi/low filtering. [bass-treble controls]
- volume matching with other program items.
- mixing [ introduction of sound effects ]
- write editorials and press releases.  post to lists.  update web sites.
- program broadcasting.
- produce cd and DVD masters.
- product release.
- revisions once a year for three years for the first 1000 plays. then the 
final edition is issued.
- pod in "retirement mode" ----> ownership passes to "library".

Now about Frankenstein -

this is what it's like being a teenager.

my first contact with Frankenstein was in 1958.  my godmother had gotten 
married and they invited me for a sleepover.
there was a guy called Morgus the Magnificent, a horror movie host, and this 
was his opening night.  so his first movie
was the 1931 "Frankenstein" with Colin Clive & Boris Karloff, and that was the 
first time i had ever seen a horror movie.
let's just say i was willing to wait on putting my feet on the floor till 

i have an LP of Boris Karloff and Leonard Bernstein [on piano] and Karloff is 
doing a song and dance as captain hook,
in Bernstein's broadway classic "Peter Pan".

the sets in the 1931 celluloid classic are pure Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya, 
very "dark side" art deco.

... but if you talk like that, "they call you mad".

so enjoy THE classic tale of teenage angst, and let me know what you think.

if that isn't nice, what is?

mike eschman, etc ...
"Not just an afterthought ...