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[school-discuss] beta testers needed - bootable Linux edu cdrom

I have put together a combination of Knoppix (http://www.knoppix.org), a
bootable debian GNU/Linux based cdrom, and the Debian JR project.  This is
an initial release, and I need a lot of beta testing.  Many many
applications (ie tux-typing) don't have icons in the menus, etc, and I
need to track them down and make them work.

This is not going to be a fork, but a tracking distribution of Knoppix,
aimed at educators, parents, and students alike.  OpenOffice, Mozilla, and
other major apps are available.  The default desktop environment is KDE

You can download the ISO image from:


Please email bugs to: hmcgregor@osef.org

Also a list of programs people would like to see added would be useful.
To see what is already installed, you should be able to do a "dpkg -l |


Harry McGregor, CEO, Co-Founder
Hmcgregor@osef.org, (520) 661-7875 (CELL)
Open Source Education Foundation, http://www.osef.org
A non-profit tax exempt charitable organization