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[school-discuss] Re: Membership Entry Notification

Dear Aigars Mahinovs,

Welcome to Schoolforge!

We look forward to working with you to promote open resources in and for education.

As you may know, Schoolforge membership comes with a few requirements. They are
not difficult or many in number, but they are important to showing solidarity
with the rest of the members.

First, please go to http://www.schoolforge.net/logos and choose a logo. Copy it
to your server, and display it prominently, linked to http://www.schoolforge.net.

Secondly, join the mailing list, schoolforge-discuss, if you haven't already.
You can join by completing and submitting the form at

You will be automatically subscribed to the members-only list, schoolforge-core.
Don't worry; it's low-volume.

Finally, please participate in the discussions whenever you can. We're in this
to promote free and open resources in education. It's a group effort and only as
energetic as we are.

We look forward to getting to know you.


David Bucknell
for Schoolforge Membership
==New members' descriptions follow: 

Quoting Seul/Edu Membership <richl@seul.org>:

> Name: Latvian Open Source Association
> Url: http://www.laka.lv
> Description: LOSA (or LAKA in Latvan) main goal is to create in Latvia such
> evironment, that will promote uesage and development of open source software.
> Educational subproject of LOSA is coordinated by Aigars Mahinovs from
> Debian.
> Contact: Aigars Mahinovs
> Contact email:aigarius@debian.org


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