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Re: [school-discuss] TAET Fall Convention


All of my classes use OpenOffice.  My keyboarding (typing) classes work
on special projects . . . sounds like a great idea to get them involved.
 I will represent your work in the literature I pass out at the


>>> ian.lynch2@ntlworld.com 10/07/03 5:11 PM >>>
On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 22:24, Marilyn Hagle wrote:
> Texas Association for Educational Technology Fall Convention
> October 23 - 25
> Galveston, Texas
> http://www.taet.org
> Hi!!
> I am preparing for a short presentation on "Linux in Education" and
> thought I would ask the list members for ideas.  The audience will
> probably have little or no knowledge of Linux/OpenSource Software.  I
> plan to focus on my experiences, but it seems to me that I should give
> some sort of brief overview of what other educators are doing as well.
> I plan to pass out Knoppix & Freeduc CDs and also literature.
> I will tell them about SchoolForge, of course.
> Ideas, other websites??  Any info would be appreciated.

Taking part in FLOSS projects can be educational. On the 13th October
OpenOffice.org launches its OOoEdu project to get as many students world
wide using OO.o. We have schools teaching children about iso images and
how to burn them to disc and pass them to other in disadvantaged
countries where there is no access to the Internet. FLOSS has great
educational potential to involve students in the software development
projects of the 21st Century. So more than saving some license fees get
your students involved with helping others. Teach them about
entrepreneurship, social conscience and some technical skills.
> Marilyn
Ian Lynch

Education Lead for the OpenOffice.org community