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[school-discuss] NAACE

Just to show that Chris Puttick is doing his stuff, here's a snippet from 
today's NAACE newsletter (NAACE is the uk organisation for inspectors and 
advisers in ICT in eduation).

Schoolforge-UK launches website
On 7th October 2003 the Schoolforge-UK project has launched a collaborative 
web site for educators at http://www.schoolforge.org.uk/  to facilitate 
adoption of open source software and materials in UK schools and colleges.

Schoolforge-UK was started after the April 2003 Open Source in Education 
Conference, hosted by mPowerNet at Anglia Polytechnic University. Supporters 
of the project aim to promote widespread adoption of free software and open 
source materials in UK education.

For more information, contact Chris Puttick, Publicity Officer - 
chris@centralmanclc.com , or visit the web site at 
http://www.schoolforge.org.uk .
Phil Driscoll