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Re: [school-discuss] SIF versus other initiatives

SIF has been taken from SIIA control. It is its own entity now.

> You may also be interested to know that we recently extracted SIF from
> SIIA and no longer have any association with SIIA.  SIF is now a 
> non-profit association dedicated to developing K-12 software 
> interoperability standards.

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 11:16, Tom Adelstein wrote:
> After a careful analysis of the SIIA SIF standard, I want to recommend 
> that Schoolforge avoid this standard 100% and look at other initiatives 
> in progress such as  ADL Co-Lab Network,  SCORM (Sharable Content Object 
> Reference Model), among aothers.
> I'd like to reference an article call "The Standard Bearers Close Ranks".
> http://www.syllabus.com/article.asp?id=7359
> The article addresses each initiative as well as SIF.
> SIIA is an organization closely resembling Microsoft's front 
> organization BSA which has gone after schools for not having licenses or 
> proof of purchase.They show up with Federal Marshall's and embarass the 
> school district in an attempt to discredit and intimidate the boards 
> into submission to their claims. They only want your money. They are not 
> a benevolent orgainzation.
> I have person experience with SIIA.  Two former disgruntled employees 
> (fired) told SIIA that my company was pirating software for 
> distribution. In fact, we were a Linux shop and developed Linux 
> software. We didn't have any of their software.
> It took two years to get the SIIA to give up. They billed me 
> extraordinary amounts for things I never had or owned. They sent us 
> registered letters, gave us deadlines for compliance, hired law firms to 
> send us drafts of law suits they planned to file. I check with other 
> firms and the consensus is that SIIA are bullies. I spoke to their 
> chairman during a conference call and he wanted me to run their audit 
> software on our Linux boxes and to submit a diagram of our network. 
> Are you up from that kind of threatment? BTW, they interferred with our 
> productivity by continously calling, writing our attorney with demands 
> for discovery.
> This is  what you may face.
> Funding for Open Source projects for K12 schools will be forthcoming in 
> the next few months. No need exists for schoolforge members to follow SIF.
> I plan to bring up opposition to the SIIA standard by petitioning 
> Congress under the "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001".
> Hopefully, you will respond to this email and suggest alternatives 
> before I do.
> If it was up to me, I would have Congress outlaw the SIIA and BSA. But, 
> they will ultimately die - unless of course, they get into the 
> "standards business".
> Respectfully submitted,
> Tom Adelstein
> Open Source Software Institute

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