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Re: [school-discuss] Project developing free school server solution

On Sat, 18 Oct 2003 13:32:50 +0200
Bjoern Scheuermann <bjoern@solution.de> wrote:
> You see, this is going quite far when compared to what you are able to
> do with skolelinux now, but it also imposes restrictions on what your
> installation looks like. You have to use a certain way to do your user
> management and to store your user accounts, have a special schema
> where your home directories are located, have to use a special,
> modified printing system, use special IP address management, PAM setup
> and so on. And this is the point where we have problems with simply
> contributing to skolelinux, although we'd really appreciate this: We
> cannot expect the skolelinux project to follow all these restrictions
> and implications, but we also cannot provide our users with this kind
> of integrated functionality without them.

You could do two things:
1. Try to convince Skolelinux people that you ideas are good enough to
also become Skolelinux ideas
2. Make a paralel fork of Skolelinux, work in paralel - in your branch
only make changes that cann't be made in Skolelinux and make all other
changes to the Skolelinux directly and syncronysing branches afterwards.

If 1. fails, you can do 2. until you have a working solution and then
try 1. again.

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