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Re: [school-discuss] Shocking news about Microsoft's ability tokill

On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 22:46, Les Richardson wrote:
> Hi,
> So, I guess that begs the question... "What to do?".
> They're big. We're not. They have almost limitless resources. We don't.
> Can we "fight a war" on their terms? Nope.

Depends what you mean by their terms? Certainly we can't buy publicity,
but that doesn't mean we can't generate it.

> I would suggest: 
> 1) Write good quality software that does solves the problems it's supposed
> to. 

Assumes you have the ability to do this. There are many, many free
software advocates who have no inclination to become software engineers.
Ignoring them wastes resources. Yes if you are a programmer do what you
do best, but the biggest problem for FLOSS is marketing. There is plenty
of good software out their that most people don't even know exists.

> 2) Make this available on the Internet under an open source license.
> 3) Goto 1.

> A very small hole in a dam.... can lead to very large results over time...

But leverage on a small hole makes it bigger much quicker. There is not
a single strategy that will be effective. It require a range of
strategies. All the better with some coordination - FLOSS is by nature
fragmented which is a weakness but that weakness can be reduced. We
reduce weaknesses we optimise strengths and we have a good chance as we
have morality and right on our side.
ian <ian.lynch2@ntlworld.com>