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Re: [school-discuss]typo in FREEDUC 1.4 press release

At 08:47 AM 10/31/2003 +0100, you wrote:

For immediate release

UNESCO supports the development of FREEDUC

Paris, Mont-de-Marsan, the 30 of October 2003 - OFSET, the organization
for the development of free software for education and teaching, is
working with UNESCO to set up an international version of its FREEDUC

*****typo in next line should be "free software" of course!!!
OFSET is an organization dedicated to the development of [fee software]
for education and teaching. To achieve this object, it has already
developed software such as Dr. Geo (1st prize in a contest organised by
the AFUL in 2000) or GCompris (1st prize in the education category at
the Trophées du Libre contest in 2003). OFSET is also working on
documentation to support the development and use of free software.
Recently it has developed FREEDUC to facilitate access to free software
in education and teaching.

Press Contact: Hilaire Fernandes hilaire@ofset.org

http://www.ofset.org/projects/edusoft/edusoft.html Freeduc-cd
http://www.ofset.org OFSET
http://www.unesco.org/webworld UNESCO
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