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Re: [school-discuss] Shocking news about Microsoft's ability to killOpen Source

Regarding this thread, here is a _very_competent_ opinion on this matter. It is a message from Bruce Perens who is directly involved in the conference.

As it has been posted on a public list [*] I'm forwading it to SCHOOL-FORGE in order, for you, to really understand how things are going.

Please, read it as it seem to suggest to _NOT_ make any "noise" at least until the conference will terminate.



[*] http://www.ssc.com/mailman/listinfo/gov-list

Damiano Verzulli
e-mail: damiano@verzulli.it
"...Science, after all, is ultimately an Open Source enterprise..."
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I am the executive director of the group running the Desktop Linux
Conference at Boston University.

I too have heard that Boston University took the "Gold Partnership" with
Microsoft. I don't know the contract terms, and highly doubt that it says
_on_paper_ that they won't invite us again, even if that is understood
between the parties.

This time, Boston U. put money _into_ the conference. We're going to
have a conference to promote Free Software on the Desktop. _We_ set
the program and invited the speakers, B.U. and Microsoft had nothing to
do with that. Microsoft asked to have a speaker in the program, and I

To create a boycott or bad publicity before the conference would just be
playing into Microsoft's hands.

After the conference, I will issue an open letter to BU asking if the
allegation that we won't be invited back due to a Microsoft partnership
is true.


	Bruce Perens

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