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Re: [school-discuss] Open-source alternatives

our school is just now formulating plans for a move to total open source, beginning with our servers.  I am trying to steer them away from Java (not open) and zope/plone.  the latter because it involves installing another server aside Apache2 and involves using python, a lesser known language with fewer persons out there knowing it.  We are also trying to solve our user applications with software that uses postgresql not mysql(no longer free and broken) and in general follows the LAPP model -- Linux 2.6.8, with XFS (at least until Reiser4 doesn't break apps), Apache 2, Postgressql and PHP.  We are also looking at moodle and ilias for some long distance learning modules, Opengroupware.org, projekt, and it appears drupal CMS.  Twiki and the Wikipedia series.  Since we have 130 Dells it doesn't make sense to use LTSP, but we are giving out knoppix/gnoppix CDs.  Our approach is minimalist -- go with a distro that you control, not a commercial one you don't control, like redhat.  So we may be building a fork of gentoo, with only the stuff on the disks that are directly relevant to the students.

garry saddington wrote:
On Friday 08 October 2004 15:07, troy@banther-trx.homeunix.com wrote:
Hello everyone,

Is anyone on the list using completely open-source alternatives in their
schools? Specifically GNU/Linux and educational programs. I would love to
hear of the combinations, types of software, server setups.

And many more. More detail available if needed.
garry saddington (ICT co-ordinator)
Skegness Grammar School, UK