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Re: [school-discuss] Metadot and MIT


MIT use it for different portal sites at department level. The last one is the Civil Engineering department (see http://cee.mit.edu).
The first step is to share information via the public portal then to allow research staff and students to share research papers (project collaboration) and discuss with their teams all online via Metadot. There are some possible plans to manage job openings as well and implement the staff database (Metadot has a user directory build in).



Interesting that this came accross the list. Here at OU we are beginning
involvement with the Sakai project of which MIT is a core member. Sakai,
among other things, provides a Colaborative Learning Environment and Portal
via the uPortal and Chef software. I find it hard to believe they would sink
millions into that and abandon it, so I'm curious as to where they will be
using Metadot and how it relates to Sakai?


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On Oct 8, 2004, at 3:05 PM, Daniel Guermeur wrote:

Hello all,

Just to announce that Metadot Portal Server software has a new university user: MIT.
Metadot is used by numerous schools and university including Berkeley, Pace and many orders for their intranet, extranet or organization websites. Metadot provides content management, collaboration and portal (like My Yahoo) functionality. The key differentiator is the extreme ease of use so that non technical users can manage the content without asking their busy IT person to help.

See live sites at:

Daniel Guermeur - daniel@metadot.com
www.metadot.com - Be Part Of The Open Source Revolution