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Re: [school-discuss] Open-source alternatives

You can't go past moodle.

Moodle is very big here in Australia.

Purely because of how flexible it is to every bodys needs.


if you log on as guest you can access some of what we have in our moodle
system here


On Sat, 2004-10-09 at 17:21, garry saddington wrote:
> On Friday 08 October 2004 20:38, troy@banther-trx.homeunix.com wrote:
> > Thanks Garry!
> >
> > I use Slackware Linux with Dropline GNOME at home and several server
> > projects. I am aware of a few of those on the list. But I am not familliar
> > with Zope, Sodipodi, Plone.
> >
> > I was thinking along the lines of an open-source equivalent to PLATO
> > Pathways, TABE-PC, and Web CT.
> >
> > Major programs that could be used in Adult Basic Education programs to
> > reduce the cost to the redmond curse.
> >
> > Troy
> You've got me there, but if its content management and delivery you're after 
> then have a look at Plone and Eduplone.
> regards
> garry