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Re: [school-discuss] Looking into the future of Linux (Interview

And yes it interests me as well! Inquiring minds need to know! Could you please give me urls on the four or five 3d projects.??

paai wrote:

Tom Adelstein wrote:

This article discussions the Looking Glass Desktop - perhaps the first a quantum leap in computer science in several years.


I don't agree. One of the things we do research in, is 3D interfaces
and one of my students last month completed a survey of 3D- (and other)
interfaces for operating systems (alas dutch only). The conclusion
is that there at least four or five experimental desktops that
are far more 'quantum leaping' than the LG desktop, although LG wins
hands down on usability.

This is not to belittle your interview, Tom, but the subject interests
me and I thought to chime in.