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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source Linux PBX

On Friday 15 October 2004 04:08, Stewart M. Ives wrote:
> Recently our school started looking into putting telephones in the
> classrooms for communications with the teachers and emergency
> contact back to the office.  A parent stepped up that was in the
> telephone business and volunteered to design and spec out a PBX for
> the school and determine the cost of installation and maintenance. 
> Needless to say it was quite expensive.
> I then started roaming around on the internet and came across
> Asterisk, The Open Source Linux PBX at www.asterisk.org
> So far I have not installed this software on our Linux server but I
> am impressed.  Without any additional hardware except IP phones, I
> can install a complete PBX that will use existing wiring and have
> the school communicating amoung rooms and to the office by just
> loading some software and plugging in phones.  I read that if you
> don't want to use IP phones you can use windoz based software for
> the phone.  We already have the network run to all the rooms and
> the office.  This seems too easy to be true but I think it is true.
> Has anyone out there tried this yet??
We will set up an Asterisk Server for VoIP at Skolelinux Test Zentrum 
Guetersloh, Germany in the next weeks. 

> Does anyone have a recommendation on inexpensive IP Telephones???
Inexpensive, depends on your country I would suppose. (-;
I would ask on the Asterisk mailing list.

There will be an Asterisk Booth at Systems, Munich 18. - 22. oct. 
( http//www.systems.de/, and on LinuxWorld Expo, Frankfurt (Main) 26. 
-28. oct., Germany