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[school-discuss] CMS note

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Hi all, 
 we were talking about CMS lately. I have made good progress in writing a 
website with Typo3. These are the things that I need for the site: 

- - individual layout and style for subpages
- - basic roles like "may edit subbranch" and the like
- - pages should be easy to create and edit

Installing it on debian stable was more than easy, just as setting up a page 
structure, writing templates and styling the pages. Editing and creating 
pages is point-and-click and even my mom could handle it.

Anyway, I think that for the most of you Typo3 is not the way to go. It's a 
superb solution for complex sites with individual style and layout. It can 
create jobs for php programmers, which is a good feature to have these 
days ;-) It should be a cool application to use in a course about publishing, 
or to handle project websites. But it won't give you most of the collab and 
administrative functions you'd need in a school context.

To sum it up: You won't need it, move along. 

But it rocks. I really love it, and it gives me the features I need.

Best Regards, 
- - Burkhard

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