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[school-discuss] usb pen drives and mini distros

I have recently purchased a pen drive and have been 
searching for a SIMPLE OS to run from the drive. I 
have read about Puppy, Feather, Flonix, and Damn Small 
Linux. Can anyone tell me what the favorite flash OS 
is and why? I would like the OS to include a good 
calendar, email client and browser.
My pen drive is 512mb and was only about $50. With 
prices plummeting and memory capacity growing, I would 
think that this would be a great place for Linux to 
take a lead. What could be greater than carrying your 
OS and files with you on a chain around your neck? I 
think an OS on an USB drive would be much preferable 
to a LiveCD.
Brad Nielsen

I have also been looking at window freeware that will 
run from a pen drive, calendars, email clients, 
browsers, etc. Anyone have some good advice on what to