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Re: [school-discuss] Consulting opportunities in OSS / free ?

Hi Lee,

Good biz plan ideas. Best idea, keep the Mrs. happy. That said, here is my $.02.

Do them all. That will take the most discipline however.

Begin to write the book(s). Check out iUniverse.com too. And on slow
days, spend more time there.

Put out letters and follow-up calls to some places in each
classification. Diversify from the outset.

Once the book is done, then you might be able to be a contibutor /
editor / columist for local newspaper(s) on technology. You might be
able to get $150 to $300 a week for an article that is more time
sensative. Or even a HOW TO column about open source for families,
students, teachers, i.e., Dear Abby. But first, you need to have the
feather in your cap with a finished book and a going concern

Then you need to have a real 'cash cow.' Where is the main revenue
stream? That needs to be protected and you'll need to own your
marketplace in terms of being the go-to consultant in your area

Getting into ongoing publications -- from jobs / employment sections,
to tech reviews (art, media), to education (not much there in
mainstream media sadly), to a business journal would provide a
constant flow of new leads, I dare say. That is where you could have a
'loss leader.'

Finally, another option -- host a show on TalkShoe.com. This would be
a great service when you qualify the buyers and get those
conversations recorded. Then the Q&As can be put online and live on as
a marketing message and fuel for a FAQ of what you do and offer. See
http://www.TalkShoe.com. At present, this might need to be a
long-distance call, (area code 724 at Pittsburgh, PA) but that won't
stay that way.


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