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[school-discuss] Colloquia / Shinkuro

Both Colloquia & Shinkuro are are secure, pass-keyed file-sharing relays.  Colloquia, however, is more oriented toward schools.

Colloquia: http://www.colloquia.net 

Shinkuro: http://www.shinkuro.com (funded by DARPA so might stay free or be open sourced... )

I understand Shinkuro's tech pretty well, I trialed on my home network 2 summers ago.

Admining Shinkuro was easy ... it just worked. I haven't tried it on the internet, might give it a test-ride in the next month, opening a port or DMZ'ing a machine at the school. I haven't reviewed Colloquia to see if it has the same security features as Shinkuro.

What I'm trying to find out is whether this kind of file-sharing relay may be a good alternative VPNs -- in that the solution is less complex.

How much complexity does VPN file system access introduce into systems admin &/or portable app deployment? Anyone got a handle on this?

I don't mean to beat a dead horse here, folks ... I'm actually trying to decide how I'd deploy something for schools... Karoshi's Moodle is neat, but then there's the question of privacy, application & write-folder availability, persistence & the complexity of web browser uploads. Some schools don't ken to an on-line classroom being exposed to the world or see it as more geek overhead they can't afford.


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