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RE: [school-discuss] School Report Software


I didn't intend on incorporating the eBooking however, once both are complete I see no reason why they cannot be merged.

The eBooking system is almost completed. 

I have successfully run a test with a small school (6 classes) where the system was used and the feedback I got was poitive.

One element that has not been tested is large numbers of teachers/classes as would be found in secondary schools. Once I have tested this I will release the source code and obviously let everyone know on here.

If you wanted I could give you a demo of the system to give you an idea of how it was used during testing.


I did think about integrating the Reporting software with existing solutions such as the OpenSIS project however, many schools that I have spoke to in the UK (where I am based) already use a solution which does most of the tasks these open source packages provide. The software does provide a means of giving 'Reports' to parents however, this is simply a grade or percentage and still requires a teacher to enter comments manually about a child. 

What I was looking to do was create some form of 'word banks' that teachers could use to evaluate a student along with the ability to add personalised comments about a pupil. I see no reason why this couldn't be integrated with the existing Open solutions you discussed, but I think a stand alone version would be more effectively used.

Do you or your colleagues use the Open projects to deliver feedback to students? At the moment I am in the research stage for this project.



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Is this part of the eBooking system you described back in August?