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Re: [school-discuss] Linux Distro Launching From MS Windows

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 09:22:33AM -0400, LM wrote:
> > Ubuntu with "mere" 384M RAM will behave vastly worse than winxp.
> Haven't tested with 384 MB RAM, but I have tested with 64 MB of
> RAM and various operating systems and these are my results.
> Some variants of Linux will run in 64 MB RAM, Windows XP is
> pretty much unuseable.

Yeah, I test my builds on a 64M VM (and sometimes on PIII-500
with that exact amount of memory too).  That was concerning
specifically the Ubuntu advice, albeit I'd not consider pushing
anything with KDE4/GNOME3 onto such system.

> However, when it comes to older machines, there's a point where
> upgrading is over-kill.  With one of my older machines, it's
> cheaper to buy a new computer than to upgrade memory, wireless
> connection, etc.  However, I hate the idea of throwing away a
> perfectly good machine that runs well and will probably last
> longer than a newer machine.

Me too :)  That's why I try to find and put in more memory
in the first place, an older PIII can work wonders if coupled
with enough RAM for many many things (based on Fujitsu-Siemens
Lifebook C6535 experience at 64 -> 192 -> 384M RAM).

My point was that Celeron @2.6GHz with 384M RAM is disbalanced,
something like Celeron @2.0GHz with 1Gb RAM is much more useful
for many things.

> As I mentioned, FreeBSD also works well and you can run
> applications built for Linux on FreeBSD.

Heh, I know enough {Free,Open,Net}BSD developers and users not
to become fascinated with those systems (or rather communities).

> (Then again, as a programmer, if I want to crash a system, any
> system, I pretty much can.  It's very easy to do while one is
> developing certain types of applications.)


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