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Re: [school-discuss] Do Something Dot Org


Yes.  I agree.




On Tue, 25 Oct 2011 21:27:04 +0700, David Bucknell wrote:

This is an interesting idea.  It may be that you are right; however,
as exciting as it would be to get the old engine fired up, before we
jump into that kind of role, and I am certainly for a more vital
group, let's look at our mission.  My question is whether our role is
to champion particular projects or to foster the communication and
cooperation between them.   I think it's the latter and that it would
be up to member organizations (or projects, perhaps in combination) to
champion whatever particular combinations they find compelling.

Here's the "mission" statement from the Web site:

"SchoolForge's mission is to unify independent organizations that
advocate, use, and develop open resources for education. SchoolForge
is intended to empower member organizations to make open educational
resources more effective, efficient, and ubiquitous by enhancing
communication, sharing resources, and increasing the transparency of
development.  SchoolForge members advocate the use of open source and
free software, open texts and lessons, and open curricula for the
advancement of education and the betterment of humankind."

The problem with choosing some projects above the rest is that it
would not be unifying the members.

Now, that said, perhaps a powerful (and wealthy) organization could
shake us all up and focus us on a common set of "features" and goals.
But I don't think that would be in the spirit of "fostering" all

What about this:

* We encourage cross-polination more strongly.  Some projects may want
to merge, some might think it time to die out, and other new ones
might (and should) be born.
* We regularly celebrate the individual project-members and call
attention to their strengths with suggested scenarios of how schools
can benefit from them.
* If groups such as Open SIS want to join and create super-tools or
more finely aimed and curriculum-attuned methods, then we would
support that.
* In the end, we would maintain our role as the neutral community
watering hole, the place and means by which the projects share with
each other.
* Our role would be more like wholesalers than retailers -- member
orgs would be responsible for the retailing, with the group's support
as long as they still offer free and open sources in education.  In
other words, if Schoolforge were ever to get more formal, it would
host conferences at which all FLOSS for education projects would be

This was written quickly, but I hope relevantly.  Looking forward to
your thoughts.

Best wishes,

David Bucknell

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 7:38 PM, Casey Adams <jcaseyadams@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
One thing on this site that jumped out at me that I think would really be appropriate for this list:  getting our list members to unite behind a common cause.  On this list, we all seem to discuss ideas, send things we think might be of interest, etc., but we do not seem to be taking any compelling action steps.  It seems if the entire population of this list got behind a good open source thing for schools and pushed together we could achieve some real change. Maybe we could as a group nominate and agree upon 1-3 open source projects that have real potential for education, help publicize it, help marshal resources, contribute help ourselves and really make some progress with one of these projects.  We should all think about where open source can help most and then move together as a group. Just an idea, but one I think has real merit.  Thanks. Casey Adams Phone: 205.612.5489 Fax: 717.326.3543. On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 5:10 PM, Joel Kahn <jj2kk4@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't know how many of you are familiar with this: http://www.dosomething.org/ I think it should be possible to make some FLOSS projects that would work well with Do-Something's approach.... Joel


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