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Re: [school-discuss] Do Something Dot Org

Hello, all,

We created an install profile with Drupal that could be of use here. It's a combination news aggregator and publishing platform that can be used to collect and remix content.

One of the key features that could be helpful is the ability to create "Issues" - so, we could create a web tools issue, a desktop tools issue, a server admin tools issue, an "open source meets social learning best practice" issue, etc.

Our install profile is, of course, free to acquire, use, install, and modify, and is built completely from open source components :)

Documentation and download links available at http://code.funnymonkey.com/doc/voicebox



On 10/25/2011 10:11 AM, Bryant Patten wrote:

On Oct 25, 2011, at 11:39 AM, LM wrote:

If Schoolforge members have resources to help advocate Open Source, the web site might be a good place to share them.  For instance, sharing slide shows on switching to Open Source via the web or references (like http://www.ncose.org/node/3 which was posted to the list a while back) can be very helpful. 

Laura -

 It is ironic that you referenced the Free Software for Schools publication because I was just talking with Donna Benjamin (co-creator) about taking it down because it is so out of date - it could desperately use the kind of project help being discussed in this thread.

On a positive note, we also discussed creating a Kickstarter project to automate the maintenance and PDF publication of this information.  Perhaps advertising such an effort could be part of Schoolforge's new information mission.

All the best,

Bryant Patten
Executive Director
The National Center for Open Source and Education