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Re: [school-discuss] Dyslexia and Math on the computer

Hello Marilyn,

and is color-blind.

Website@School http://websiteatschool.eu is fully usable by blind and visually impaired users, i.e. pupils. This is done with 'skins' in the CMS management. Skins can be adapted to any form of color-blindness. I do not know how old your son is.

get him to learn
keyboarding and use the computer as much as

Just a blind :-) guess:
It's Dutch, but maybe it is in fact international.
Just called the developers. No, not in English because English is a non-phonetic language like French.
To end with the good news. They are now developing Spanish, so maybe this info is useful for someone.
Kind regards,

marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello all of you programmers and folks . . . here
is something else you might be able to help me

This may exist and I have never seen it.

My little boy, Sam, whom I just started on home
school, not only is profoundly dyslexic, but has
dysgraphia, and is color-blind. Dysgraphia is the
condition of having extremely terrible handwriting.
 His has improved some, but it is mostly illegible.
The doctor's at Scottish Rite said there is not
much you can do for it, just get him to learn
keyboarding and use the computer as much as

For math, it would be great if there was some sort
of word processor for math that has all of the
symbols and is in sort of an invisible grid so you
can line up place values and work out algebra. The
process of working out math problems by hand is so
difficult for Sam that he usually tries to solve
everything in his head. He can do that pretty well
- but it would be better if he could show his work.

A spreadsheet isn't the right animal for this.

Anyone seen anything like this? Would it be hard to
 create it?


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