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[school-discuss] Web forum interface to these discussions

A while ago someone asked about having a web forum interface for our
discussions.  We were willing to set one up under the condition that
it have bi-directional connectivity to our mailing list so we didn't
divide our community according to which interface people preferred.
At that time, Phorum was the only application that provided that
capability.  Since then FUDForum <http://fud.prohost.org> has also
added mailing list connectivity.  I know that some of the people
involved in that discussion preferred FUDForum for it's features.
Are any of you folks who wanted a FUDForum interface to this mailing
list interested in taking the initiative to install and configure it
for us?  If so, contact me and Roger Dingledine (arma@seul.org) and
offer your services.

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