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Re: [school-discuss] Educational Gaming?

"Mervyn, Jason" wrote:

> A quick question for the group - I'm not an educator by trade, but
> I am a gamer.  My hunch is that a simplistic, good quality trading
> or Sim game could prove useful for PK-8 graders if it was
> networked.
> I was wondering if there are any worthy networked educational
> games available as freeware.  I've already snagged the Windows
> copy of FreeCiv and plan to host it off a Linux server, but I'm
> sure many won't consider that educational.
> Any suggestions?
Take a look at
<http://richtech.ca/cgi-bin/seul/seulvw.pl?category=Edugames>.  This
lists a number of educational games (probably not all the games that
could be considered educational in some sense, though).  Holsham
Traders <http://htsserver.sourceforge.net/> might be considered a
networked educational game.  As for FreeCiv, why run the Windows
version?  You might also look at Gnocatan
<http://gnocatan.sourceforge.net/> and Root Park

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