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Re: [school-discuss] OpenOffice in universities?

ons, 2002-09-11 kl. 19:19 skrev Dan Kegel:
> Part of my "Linux in Universities" page,
> is about managing a smooth transition to Linux.  One
> good approach is to support the same office software on both
> Linux and Windows; that way users can choose operating systems
> more freely.
> I'm trying to dig up examples of universities that officially
> support OpenOffice and/or StarOffice 6.0 on Windows, but am
> having a hard time.  There are quite a few examples of
> universities that support StarOffice 5.0 or 5.2 on Unix,
> but almost nothing for StarOffice 6.0 on Unix or
> any flavor of StarOffice on Windows, nor any mention of
> If you know of any examples, please let me know.
> Thanks!
> - Dan

You can put the University of Oslo, the largest university in
Norway, on your list of universities using Linux. It the faculty of
natural sciences (and technology), about half of the computers run
Linux. I don't know if any of them use Openoffice.org/Staroffice,
I'm at the computer sciences currently and we don't use that type of
application.  The closest you'd get is Lyx.

But we have a project going on here, where school administration at
the level closest to government support Openoffice.org into
norwegian. Latest news here is cooperation at the governmental
level. There sure is interest, as the government doesn't see the
point of paying more for software than necessary. Openoffice.org is
seen as adequate by most who have looked at it. Just remember this
is a question of economics, not what system is superior, though it
*does* make it easier for our linux efforts to succeed.

Hope this helps, I'll help with further contact if needed.
Harald Thingelstad